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Shoreside Services

Lifting, Launching & Hard Standing Storage

From our facility on the River Hamble, Universal Marina offers lifting, launching & hard standing storage. From 2014 we can lift up to 75 tonnes with our brand new hoist. We also offer dry stacking & dry sailing packages at the marina. For more information or to book a lift please click here.


The shoreside services team at Universal Marina understand that your leisure time is precious, with our service partners we aim to make sure your time on the water is as pleasurable and hassle free as possible. To help achieve this we recommend a comprehensive range of marine services.

We have listed some of the services our partners offer below. If you see a service that is not on list or if you require further detail please click here to submit your request.

  • Antifoul & Anodes
  • GRP Maintenance & Polishing
  • Propellers, Cutlass Bearings & Hull Fittings
  • Rigging & Rope Work
  • Winch Servicing
  • Sails & Covers
  • Engine Installs, Repairs & Servicing
  • Heater Installs, Repairs & Servicing
  • Gas System Inspection & Certification 
  • Electrical Systems
  • Woodwork Repairs
  • Paint & Varnish
  • Graphics & Stripes
  • General Engineering

Lifting & Launching 


Lift, pressure wash & block
(per metre)

(per metre)

Up to 11m LOA



11.1m - 15.2m



15.3m - 18.3m



18.4m - 24.3m



24.4m and over




Min charge £108.00

Min charge £96.00

A surcharge may apply for boats that are heavily fouled.

Lift Out, Hold in Slings & Relaunch 

1 hour, includes pressure wash

per metre

Up to 11m


11.1m - 15.2m


15.3m - 18.3m


18.4m - 24.3m


24.4m and over


Every additional hour

£120 per hour

Storage Ashore

Outside storage

per metre / per day   

Up to 121 days

per metre/per day      
Over 122 days

Up to 15m



15.1m - 18m



18.1m and over



Catamaran storage

1.5 times standard rate


Storage or cradle / trailer

£5.00 per metre/per week


Mast Storage

£1.90 per metre/per week


Container Storage

            £60.00 per month                  


Shelf Storage

            £33.60 per month



Undercover Storage            

                 per metre / per day

up to 12m  


12.1m - 15m 


15.1m - 25m


Mast storage: Rigs cannot be left in a dressed manner without prior written consent
(bare tubes, no spreaders etc)

Other Services

Towing / collection charges


Universal Marina to dock (up to 12m)


River Hamble berth to dock (up to 12m)


For vessels over 12m


Towing services are weather dependent. Charges apply for collection and return
These prices do not include retrieving or replacing mooring tackle.



Outside storage includes 10 amp electricity. Supplied where available at owners risk. Electric supply will be prioritised to those actively working on their boat. Long term by arrangement subject to availability.
All prices on this page are as from 1st January 2017 and inclusive of VAT.